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Judd Brehaut: The Beginnings

Judd Warren Brehaut was born on Ash Wednesday, February 17,1915 in Quebec City to Ada Frances, nee Judd, and Maynard Elijah Brehaut.  Judd was the youngest of their four children. His elder brother, Benjamin, at that time was already fourteen years of age and their sister, Constance Ada, nine. A baby brother, baptized Edward, had […]

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Dora Danks

Dora Lillian Danks was born 26 August 1890 and married Ernest Rutherford on 23 March 1917. She had two children, Betty, born in 1919, and Stuart James, born in 1921. She lived in Montreal, Que for most of her life from the family’s arrival in 1931 to the early 1980s when she moved to Waterloo, […]

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Judd Warren Brehaut: Bio

Birth – Death Dates Born in Quebec City, the son of Maynard Elijah Brehaut and Ada Frances Judd. brother to Benjamin Herbert and Constance Ada (links to both) Married (1940, Quebec City) to Betty Rutherford with whom he had four children: Heather Lillian (link) (1941) Reginald Judd (link) (1944) Kevan Brehart (Francis Ernest) (link) (1948) […]

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