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Family Birthdays

Just a short post to share a funny memory! During one of our weekly chats recently, Uncle Kevan and I were discussing family members’ birthdays and adding them to our individual calendars. I was reminded of the English countryside and poem calendar Grannie (Betty) used to have hanging in the downstairs bathroom, directly opposite the […]

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Betty’s Mince Pie Recipe

Growing up, it wasn’t Christmas time until Mum (Heather) and I watched A Child’s Christmas in Wales and ate mince pies. I remember baking them with Mum but never paying closing attention to the actual recipe. And then after Mum passed away, I realized I didn’t know how to make them on my own. So […]

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Betty Rutherford

Betty Rutherford was born in the London suburb of Carshalton, Surrey, June 17, 1919 to Ernest Rutherford and Dora Danks. Ernest was captivated by the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian government advertisements for settling the Canadian west. In 1912, he arranged to work for the Bank of Montreal in Canada. He returned in the […]

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