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Saved Seats

Often we would eat snacks, like maple syrup and bread (See Maple Syrup post), while watching TV, which brings to mind another family tradition, chair saving.

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Maple Syrup

I remember as a child, Grannie (Dora Rutherford) used to send us for Christmas what seemed like gallons of pure maple syrup in plain metal cans and maple sugar blocks the size of a butter brick. We used to pour maple syrup into a cereal bowl, get a bunch of slices of bread (plain white […]

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Mother’s ideas to Save Money

As I remember, Mum looked after the financial side of family affairs. Maybe Dad let her do it because she was the daughter of a banker who eventually became the western regional vice-president (I think) for the Bank of Montreal. Mum also liked to take a nap in the afternoon if possible and many times […]

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