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Maple Syrup

I remember as a child, Grannie (Dora Rutherford) used to send us for Christmas what seemed like gallons of pure maple syrup in plain metal cans and maple sugar blocks the size of a butter brick. We used to pour maple syrup into a cereal bowl, get a bunch of slices of bread (plain white […]

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Mother’s ideas to Save Money

As I remember, Mum looked after the financial side of family affairs. Maybe Dad let her do it because she was the daughter of a banker who eventually became the western regional vice-president (I think) for the Bank of Montreal. Mum also liked to take a nap in the afternoon if possible and many times […]

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Moving to Calgary

What I remember … Dad, like most of us children, suffered from allergies: hay fever and asthma. By the early 1950s, Dad’s asthma (and mine) were getting pretty bad. At that time, the common remedy was to burn and inhale the smoke from some twigs and leaves specially packaged and sold for the purpose from […]

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